Top 5 Best BitCoin Alternative Coins (AltCoins) To Invest Money in 2018

Instead of real currency, people, nowadays, are investing in cryptocurrencies because of their increasing trends. Bitcoin, the most common and the popular form of cryptocurrency has been a trendsetter that has allowed a number of people to earn big financial profits and that is the reason why people are considering investing in cryptocurrency.

Top 5 Best BitCoin Alternative Coins To Invest Money in 2018

Although investing in Bitcoin has become a trendy option nowadays, still it has not been free from risks. The increasing vulnerability in the bitcoin market and other risk factors have made the business too much susceptible to damage as well.

Top 5 Best BitCoin Alternative Crypto Coins (AltCoins) in 2018

So that is the reason, people are trying to invest in other forms of cryptocurrencies, apart from bitcoin. If you are too, looking for the cryptocurrencies that are free from financial risks, here we go. We have rounded up the top 4 cryptocurrencies in which you can invest without any risk.

1: Litecoin (LTC) – BitCoin Alternative

Best BitCoin Alternative Coins 2018 - LiteCoin LTCLaunched in the year of 2011, Litecoin or LTC was the initial form of cryptocurrency following the bitcoin. The Litecoin was referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold and makes a great option for investing without any risk. The LTC is based on an open source global payment network that uses scrypt as a proof of work. Although LTC is like Bitcoin in many ways, however, it has faster generation rate and offers less risk than Bitcoin.

2: Ethereum (ETH) – BitCoin Alternative

Best BitCoin Alternative Coins 2018 - Ethereum ETHAnother famous form of cryptocurrency that offers less risk than bitcoin is the Ethereum that enables smart contracts and Distributed Applications to be built without any chances of risk, frauds, and interference of any third party. It has the market capitalization of $4.46 billion, second after the Bitcoin among all cryptocurrencies.

3: Zcash (ZEC) – BitCoin Alternative

Best BitCoin Alternative Coins 2018 - ZCash ZECLaunched in the later part of the year 2016, Zcash has been another form of cryptocurrency in which people can invest without any risk. Zcash is also a decentralized and an open source form of cryptocurrency that is more promising than Bitcoin. Zcash offers privacy, extra security and selective transparency of transactions that cannot be offered by bitcoins. Moreover, they are claimed to be recorded and published on the blockchains and allow the users’ content to be encrypted using the advanced cryptographic technique.

4: DASH – BitCoin Alternative

Best BitCoin Alternative Coins 2018 - DASHDASH or originally known as Darkcoin is the more secretive version of the Bitcoin. Offering more anonymity and more decentralized master code. Dash makes a safer option to invest as compared to that of bitcoins. This type of cryptocurrency was launched in the year of 2014. As Darkcoin but later in the year of 2015, the currency was termed as Dash that stands from Digital Cash. This rebranding of the Dash didn’t change any of the technical features of darkcoin and its value as well remained the same. Please note that Dash and Dash Coin both are different virtual currencies. Over here we are talking about Dash Cryptocurrency.

5: Ripple (XRP) – BitCoin Alternative

Best BitCoin Alternative Coins 2018 - Ripple XPRAnother powerful and safer form of cryptocurrency in which you can invest without any risk is Ripple. Which is a real-time global settlement network offering instant, certain and low-cost international payments. Moreover, this type of cryptocurrency does not require mining. And that is the reason it minimizes the utilization of computing power and minimizes the network latency.

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No matter what, Bitcoin / Blockchain Currency continues to lead the pack of cryptocurrencies. However, if you want to minimize the financial risks, you can invest in the other forms of cryptocurrencies as mentioned above.

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