Top 5 Best BitCoins & AltCoins with Highest Market Cap Value

No doubt, 2017 was the year for cryptocurrency and that is what we are expecting for the next year. With the start of December, we are approaching to the next year, 2018 and it is the high time to analyze and identify the crypto plan for the upcoming year. While several predictions give us high hope in the same context, investors are still wondering about the total market cap of the crypto coins and what that awaits them in the next year. Make sure to check out Top 5 Best BitCoins Alternatives AltCoins for Investment in 2018.

Top 5 Best BitCoins & AltCoins with Highest Market Cap Value

Top 5 Best BitCoins & AltCoins with Highest Market Cap Value

So for them, we have listed the top 5 cryptocurrencies in 2018 with respect to total market cap value.

1: Bitcoin – BTC

Without any doubt, Bitcoin stands on the top of the list of the top 5 Cryptocurrency list because of its largest market cap and trading value. Since the time of its evolution, the Bitcoin has been increasing in the value and this year, it has risen 1,000% in value. It is now trading at $12,027.30, while its market capitalization stands at $201,116,445,373. Because of the increasing value, it seems that Bitcoin is not going anywhere at least for the several years now. So, if you are planning to invest in this cryptocurrency, you can, without any doubt.

2: Ethereum – ETH

The Bitcoin alternative, Ethereum or ETH is the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world, in terms of market capitalization. Even though the currency would have to climb heights to reach the value of Bitcoin, still the commodity is impressive in the value, which is changing hands at $464.68, with its market capitalization around $44,678,905,662. Following the Bitcoin, Ethereum is the safest option to invest for the year of 2018.

3: Litecoin – LTC

Standing on the third rank, Litecoin appears to be another best alternative to Bitcoin that was created to manage the flaws in the original Bitcoin protocol. After bitcoins, Litecoin is the very first altcoin to come into existence in the year of 2011 and they offer the same features as that of the Bitcoin. As of now, one Litecoin trades at $103.43, and its market cap figure is at $5,599,290,398. Even though these coins have not higher trading value, still they have got potential and that is the reason it stands 3rd in the list.

4: Zcash – ZEC

With the trading value of $324.77 and total market cap of $899,108,954, Zcash stands next on the list of the top 5 Crypto coins for the year 2018. Because of its secure and criminal-free anonymous transaction, Zcash is going to be the one sound option to invest in the upcoming year.

5: Monero – XMR

Monero is another promising cryptocurrency that aims to offer anonymous transaction to the users, just like Zcash. Although a lot different than Zcash, still, Monero offers the sound and safe way of transaction ensuring maximum anonymity. The value of Monero stands at $235.53, with its total market cap being $3,636,488,209.

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