Ethereum Surge Year is 2018, Like Bitcoin Surge Year was 2017

With 2017 at the final phases, people are looking forward to the upcoming year – 2018. They are concluding the by-going year and are welcoming the predictions for the New Year. Same goes for the cryptocurrency that remained a popular and the really prevalent trend in the year of 2017. They have been underpinned by the blockchain technology and was on the rise during the year of 2017.

Overview of CryptoCurrency in 2017

Among all the cryptocurrencies, the major surge goes for none other than Bitcoin and it was previously well-received that the Bitcoin is going to hit all-time valuation heights in the upcoming year. However, when we are in the final phases of the year of 2017, this does not seem to be the case. If you want to know which cryptocurrency is going to be the hit of the upcoming year 2018, read on!

Ethereum Surge Year is 2018, Like Bitcoin Surge Year was 2017

Bitcoin’s 2017 Year in Review

Without any doubt and regardless to say, Bitcoin has been the largest and the most common type of cryptocurrency. There is a number of experts and longtime investors in Bitcoin that have considered 2017 a remarkable year for the Bitcoin. Not just in terms of profits, but in terms of mining as well, Bitcoin has been the most common type of cryptocurrency to be mined in the year and thus, more the investors.

With this being said, it comes as no surprise that Bitcoin remained the largest coin in terms of market capitalization as well. Since the time of the evolution of Bitcoins, the highest increase in the value of the Bitcoin was seen in the year of 2017 and perhaps that is the reason why 2017 is considered to be a surge year for the Bitcoin.

However, despite the major predictions, valuations, and major protocols, the trends seem to be transferring for the Bitcoin. Yep, with the highest fees and slow transaction times, Bitcoin is not considered to be a really good choice for the payments. So what’s the alternate for Bitcoin? Wondering? Well, it is thought to be the Ethereum that is going to replace Bitcoin in the year of 2018.

A Comparison Between the Bitcoin – BTC and Ethereum – ETH in 2018

In order to understand better, let us compare both the type of cryptocurrencies that are going to compete in the coming year. For the better comparison, think Bitcoin as DOS and Ether as Mac or Windows. No denial that DOS was created first and was an essential part of the computer’s success, however, with the introduction of Mac or Windows, the computers only went mainstream. DOS is difficult to learn and handle, while at the same time, Mac and Windows are really easy to handle and learn. They encourage tons of applications and supports and are ultimately easier for the people.

Ethereum Price is Going Up in 2018

Same goes for the Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the introduction of Bitcoin, it remained popular for few years, but with the stability and many benefits of Ethereum, the future is definitely going to be Ether.

Best Hardware Wallet for Ethereum ETH

We have covered Best Hardware Wallet for Ethereum ETH Cryptocurrency, so that you have no risk / tension of loss and theft of Ethereum from your online or pc based wallets.

So as expected, 2017 was the surge year for BitCoin and it is expected that the surge year for Ethereum is going to be 2018. We have had also covered up Top 5 Best BitCoin Alternatives in 2018 and Best CryptoCurrency Hardware Wallets.

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